About Malone.

Hi, I’m Justine, The Malone in ‘Malone + Co’.

Throughout the experience of my career, I’ve recognised 4 key components to success in business. A united team with a common vision, trust in the process and skills of others, respect for the client’s vision/goals and open collaboration between the creative team and client. Together, these components can achieve the most outstanding results while providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2009 I’ve had the pleasure to work with, befriend and engage with many experts in the local creative industry. Partnering with a selection of these experts and friends we work together like coffee and sunrise, understanding the project brief, client needs and business objective with ease.

Working with me, Malone + Co and the team means your business, brand or idea gets heart, passion and a full service of experts. We exist to bring creative life to your business, to help you launch your dream, restructure your visual identity or be your go-to creative support.

I love to hear new ideas or projects in the works, so please feel free to pick up the phone or email and let’s start the conversation.


+ Bachelor in Visual Communication & Design
+ Honours in Graphic Design
+ Masters in Business Management (Cert 1).


We work with businesses small and large to produce designs from logos, brand systems 
and print collateral to websites, digital marketing, social media content and photography.

Brand Strategy
Systems + Guidelines
Visual Language
Naming + Identity
Brand Touchpoints
Environmental Design

​Brochures + Books
Stationary + Extras
Conference Collateral
Publication Design
Advertising Design
Editorial Design

Website Design
Website Development

Social Content
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing

Motion Graphics